About Us

Mission Statement: To serve our clients in the most ethical and straightforward way possible in order to produce the highest rate on their investments, with the lowest fees.

Things we would like a new referral to know about us

  1. We are successful managers who care about their clients, and want to help them achieve their goals with the least risk and taxation, and the highest yield.
  2. We dig to sort out the raw numbers from the statistics. We look at the hidden fees and internal expenses, usually found in the part of the prospectus most people don't bother to read. A percentage taken out in these fees will definitely cut into the bottom line, and end up giving you a yield that is not much more than you could get from your average CD.
  3. If there is a problem we feel a straightforward approach is always best, so they have no problem giving out cell phone numbers.

How can we benefit you?

It is always best to have investments monitored by a professional on a regular basis, regardless of how large, or small, your 401k is. The do-it-yourself approach, of checking prices in the newspaper or other outside sources, will not give you the same level of understanding that an active manager has about the market.

The typical broker spends the vast majority of their time pushing products, and the small minority of their understanding what the market is doing. He sees statistics, but does not understand why things are going a certain way, or where it is heading.  For those who want to be successful, and want to trade on their own, they will find that research is extremely important before investments are made. Some people enjoy this kind of activity, and others find it too difficult and time consuming. Even those who make a living working with numbers, like CPAs and CFOs, find this kind of work is not as much fun as they had expected. That is where we come in.

Fortress Estate Solutions does their research, spending as much as 50-60 hours a week on it. We don't use just ONE single source of information, and double-check our information and resources.

Most Stockbrokers and financial advisors spend the vast majority of their time marketing their products. At Fortress Estate Solutions we limit our client hours to 2-3 days a week. The rest of the time is spent on research. We work with both the technical analysis - charts and fluctuations of the market; and the fundamental analysis - reading not only a balance sheet and income statement, but the writing on the wall, or notes on the back of the paper, that reveals all the real information about a company, it's growth, and it's potential.

We take into consideration the emotions of the market, commonly known as the Volatility Index. What is making the market swing from one extreme to another? What is pushing the investors to be optimist, or to panic?

There are a variety of technical measurements that professionals use to forecast these trends. Fortress Estate Solutions uses algorithms based on eight leading economic indicators, as well as consult with other professionals to see if we are on the right track.

Since there are no experts who have ever been 100% accurate, and there are no crystal balls, the only way to gauge success is: “If you are right more often than not, you make money, And, if you can be right twice as often as the next guy you can make a lot of money.”

What many don't realize is that the market has been somewhat predictable. It has gone in cycles, repeating itself every 7-8 years in any 10-year period. With a buy and hold scenario you could point to some pretty consistent gains.

Lately, however, since the United States is no longer the dominant country in the global market the cycle is starting to change, and we will continue to see, as we have in the last 10 years, two bear markets for every 10-year period.

Unless you make adjustments to your timing of getting in and out of the market, your potential for making money will diminish. If the market is starting to scare you now you may want to consider making more guaranteed investments.

If, on the other hand, you want to make better than average returns there are a few products that can have high rate of return with only moderate risk.  They can accommodate clients who have diverse situations either way.

We are the people you will want to turn to in order to protect your portfolio - and give you a larger return.