Fortress Estate Solutions takes our clients down a path to meet their specific needs, and plans for any contingencies that could throw them a curve, such as health issues. The division of assets, and return on investments, all are contingent on a good plan that does not consist of solely investing in the stock market. Guaranteed Investments, that produce a guaranteed rate of return, no matter what the stock market is doing, is the staple in our investment portfolios.

A wealthy person diversifies, never risking all of their money in one area.

Services we offer:
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Sector Funds
  • International Funds
  • Private Managed Funds
  • Covered Call Portfolio
  • Guaranteed Investments
  • Monthly Investment Seminars


Mutual and Exchange Traded funds work for certain portions of the economic and stock market cycle, rising or falling according to the ebbs and tides of the economic waves. Some do well during reorganization, some do not. Some rise during expansion, others fall. Knowing this, it is important to know which funds would be beneficial to the individual - achieving optimum results with minimal risk.

There is no psychic approach to the market, and you always want to proceed cautiously  - which does not mean investing in hedge funds or options. You want to make certain you diversify, taking advantage of a number of different opportunities.

The current market is getting a bit squeamish. Emotions are running high again - after a nice run for the past 6-9 months. After the bottom out 2009 the market seemed to have turned, but now experts are looking at stocks and thinking they have been overpriced. Although it doesn't mean we are getting into a bear market, it does mean that we may be running “sideways” for a little while.

Estate Planning

For Estate Planning, Fortress Estate Solutions will aid in the investments, but recommend that an attorney and other family counselors lend their knowledge to who inherit the estate. In this age of blended families, and other outside situations that could arise from large amounts of money, estates often get tricky. The need for professional counseling to make sure the client's wishes are securely in place and honored is important.

Typically a dynasty, or heritage trust - a sophisticated form of estate management, will be put into place to allow the client's wishes for their money to be disposed of as they wish.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning is the last piece of the Estate management, because “the worst tax you can pay is taxes on investments that you have already paid taxes on.” Proper structuring of your estate will keep that large estate tax from taking effect.

Current estate tax rates range from 40%, and they have been as high as 70% in the past, and the new Administration and Congress could raise them again. You don't want to work your entire life to have it taken away in taxes after you are gone. Those leaving an estate worth more than half a million dollars are in the top 10% of the population, and could be subject to the highest taxes, without proper planning.

There are four “buckets” to be considered for investments, and we can explore them in depth at our meetings:

  • Taxable Investments
  • Tax Deferred Investments
  • Tax Free Investments
  • Tax Free times Two (estate tax free and tax free in your lifetime)

There are different ways to utilize financial products in conjunction with legal documents, usually through trusts and partnerships.  At Fortress Estate Solutions we will work to make your investments work for you, and for your family and heirs.