We provide a wide range of services which are aligned with your needs on a case by case basis:

  • Investment Management
  • Estate Planning Assistance
  • Covered Call Portfolios
  • Monthly Investment Seminars

Investment Management

Most stockbrokers and financial advisors call themselves "investment managers" but spend the vast majority of their time marketing their products. We limit our business development hours to 2-3 days a week. The rest of the time is spent on research.

At Fortress Estate Solutions, we spend as much as 50-60 hours a week on research. We don't use just one single source of information, and double-check our information and resources.

We work with both the fundamental analysis and technical analysis (charts and indicators) of companies for investment decisions. The former entails reading not only a balance sheet and income statement, but the writing on the wall, otherwise known as the "notes" in the back of the company's quarterly and annual reports. The notes reveal real information about a company's financial condition and growth potential, that which they are trying to hide in the back of their financial reports. We use a lengthy formula that analyzes the fundamental financial condition and forecast of the company's future. We also use the technical indicators about the market pressure on that company to determine when to buy, hold and sell the company's stocks and bonds.

To achieve proper diversification for our clients, we invest in both single securities such as stocks and bonds in multiple industries and sectors, as well as commingled vehicles such as ETFs for smaller accounts and proxy positions. Your risk profile and preferences are determined on a case by case basis.

Financial and Tax Planning

Fortress Estate Solutions guides our clients down a path to meet their specific needs. In doing so, we assess the risk of any contingencies that could throw them a curve, such as health issues, nursing homes or the premature passing of the client or their spouse. Achievement of long term goals is contingent on a good plan that does not consist of solely investing in the stock market. We use leading economic indicators to recommend when to get out of stocks before the next recession and bear market occurs.

Tax efficient investing is a key part of a financial plan. You don't want to work your entire life to end up in a higher tax bracket when you are retired. You also don't want have your legacy and estate decimated by estate taxes after you are gone. Individuals leaving an estate worth more than 11 MM dollars are in the top tier of the population, and are subject to the highest estate taxes, without proper tax planning.

There are four "buckets" to be considered for investments, and we can explore them in depth at our meetings:

  • Taxable Investments
  • Tax Deferred Investments
  • Tax Free Investments
  • Tax Free times Two (estate tax free and tax free in your lifetime)

Estate Planning Assistance

As Fortress Estate Solutions' core competency is investment management, we assist our clients with estate planning by recommending experienced attorneys and family counselors to construct appropriate trusts and wills and to provide their knowledge and assistance to those who inherit the estate.

In this age of blended families, and other outside situations that could arise from large amounts of money, estates often get tricky. The need for professional counseling and trusts to make sure the client's wishes are securely in place and honored is important.