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Gratitude & Optimism

by Aug 13, 2022Newsletter


For the past few months (years, really) it seems like there’s a 24/7 stream of bad news bombarding us all the time. Markets, the economy, housing prices, grocery store prices, gas prices, crime, Russia and the Ukraine, illegal immigrants invading the US, and then there’s the whole COVID thing that’s still happening. It’s a lot to take in… causing worry. So, what do we do?

Do we give in to doom-scrolling and negative headlines? Or do we look for the bright spots in our lives? Gratitude and optimism always get my vote!

I don’t mean putting our heads in the sand and ignoring what’s happening. I mean actively taking a look around and appreciating the blessings in our lives. Our families. Our friends. Our neighbors and communities. Our progress. Our place in this beautiful world. I think the pros call that practicing “conscious gratitude”.

What are you grateful for right now?

For me? I’m grateful for you. Grateful for the opportunity to meet you, to have you in my life, and to engage in an ongoing conversation with you around your life and dreams! And… to be part of helping you achieve those dreams.

It’s pretty common to hear financial folks like me say “focus on your long-term goals” or “stick with the strategy we built together.” Hey, we know that the gains after a Bear Market average 14% in the first 12 months and 29% in the first 24 months of a new Bull Market. But, that’s easier for some people to understand and practice being patient. They can look to the horizon, take a deep breath, and keep on going.

Other folks find the uncertainty of what MIGHT come next so challenging that they’re losing sleep. If that’s you, what if we focus on being present and connecting with what’s going well right now for you?

So, what’s good in your world? What inspires you right now?

Will you let me know? It’s not smooth sailing right now. There will be bumps and rocks and potholes along the way. But amazing things are here with more coming as well. I’m optimistic about what’s ahead and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

~ Gratefully…

Richard Jordan

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