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The Silver Lining

by Aug 13, 2022Newsletter


Let’s imagine you’re standing in front of two doors. You have two options. Open Door 1 and get an ELECTRIC SHOCK. Or choose the mystery behind Door 2. Door 2 could be better or worse than Door 1, but you won’t find out until you open it.

What do you choose? Which door would you open?

Most folks would open Door 1. That’s because most of us would rather have certain pain than gambling with the unknown. And that’s true even if we have a 50-50 shot at getting something better, not worse, with Door 2.


Because we crave certainty. We’re calmer when we know what to expect — even if it’s certain pain — because we can prepare for it.

With uncertainty, we’re hyper-vigilant to the possibility of pain. We’re constantly on edge, waiting for the ball to drop. That’s stressful and exhausting up until the moment we get certainty. And that waiting and worrying creates its own pain, no matter what outcome we get. That’s how uncertainty hijacks our mind and outlook. And that can backfire BIG time.


It closes us off from the priceless opportunities that can come with uncertainty. And that means we miss the chance to take advantage of all the good that uncertainty can really do for us.

So, what type of lemonade can we make from the lemons of uncertainty? Let’s find out by looking at some of the incredible silver linings of uncertainty. Like life, uncertainty can become what you make of it — and how you approach it can make ALL the difference in what you get out of it.


Have you experienced any of those windfalls of uncertainty? Whether you have or not, you’ll have another chance to in the future. That’s because, like it or not, uncertainty is an unavoidable part of life. Big or small, those unknowns can pop up at any time. And they can make us unsure about our options, our choices, and our future.

But it’s not all bad.

Uncertainty can be wonderfully rewarding.

In fact, like life, uncertainty can become what you make of it — and how you approach it can make ALL difference in what you get out of it. That’s why it pays for us to get better at living with uncertainty. If we can do that, the silver linings can become golden opportunities for us to grow and prosper.

So, how do we better approach uncertainty?

We can start by accepting it, instead of resisting it. And we can focus on the positive and check ourselves when we’re spiraling into the worst case what-ifs. We can also turn to someone we trust for support and words of reason.

Stable in Uncertain Times!

Richard Jordan

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